Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my loyal readers!  With it being the BIGGEST food holiday and all, I decided to give you an overview of what I will be prepping and serving tomorrow.  It will be my second year preparing it solo since I used to cook with my grandma.  She is now my personal culinary guardian angel (amongst other guardian angels too).

Roast Turkey (of course).  I don't brine.  I stuff it with citrus, herbs, and butter and cover it with butter soaked cheesecloth.  Now, the most important part to ensure your bird is not dry would be basting.  I may have mentioned in an earlier cooking blog I am not one for timers.  Roasting turkey would be my exception.  I religiously baste every 15 minutes and with everything else going on, I have to set the timer.  I remove the cheesecloth about a half hour prior to dinner to give the bird a nice golden glow.

Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing (I may attempt Michael Symon's cornbread stuffing recipe he tweeted earlier today and just add the cranberries)

Candied yams, complete with brown sugar reduction and marshmallows: Make sure to remember the marshmallows will plump upon roasting.  If you squeeze too many on, you will have one sticky mess to clean up

Sweet potato boats: This is a family recipe not too many people have heard of.  Cook the potatoes then cut in half.  Hollow out and mix the potato with cranberry relish.  Top with walnuts and a brown sugar cinnamon blend.

Homemade cranberry relish grinded with a 100+ year old grinder (one of my favorite kitchen tools for sentimental reasons)

Mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, steamed cauliflower, homemade dinner rolls, gravy

And of couse pumpkin pie (Nana's recipe of course)

To drink: Elena Walch, 2009 Gewurtztraminer (highly recommended for Thanksgiving by Little Italy Wines, one of my favorite wine shops) and of course, Great Lakes Christmas Ale!

So now, all I have to do is prepare this lovely feast, sit down, raise my glass and be thankful.  And I am NOT ashamed to admit I ALWAYS clean my plate on Thanksgiving.

Until then...follow your heart, fulfill your hunger (and gobble till you wobble)

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