Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Greenhouse Goodness

"Tuesday's Tidbits" is taking a week hiatus since I have not had time the past few days to blog about last Friday night.  I promise, it will be back next Tuesday full of juicy tidbits about fabulous food events around Cleveland.  So what is so great that is causing this hiatus?  CLEgal may have alluded to our Friday night in her most recent Why? Weekends post.  (P.S. While you are visiting WhyCLE, enter her contest!!)

CLEgal and I always love an excuse to go to The Greenhouse Tavern.  Chef Jonathon Sawyer's eco-friendly spot on East 4th Street quickly became one of our favorite CLE restaurants since it opened its doors in 2009.  The eclectic atmosphere, the location, and of course, the food keep us coming back for more.  With a menu that changes seasonally to ensure the freshest ingredients, there is always the anticipation of what Chef Sawyer will have waiting for you in the kitchen.  Nationally, The Greenhouse Tavern has been recognized by both Bon Appetit and Food and Wine Magazines.  It also has been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate as Iron Chef Michael Symon's guilty pleasure (the gravy frites).  Last Thursday, as CLEgal and I were tweeting, we both noticed Greenhouse was offering a free Green and black organic chocolate pot du creme with any chef's tasting purchased.  Free chocolate just sweetened up our Friday night dinner decision.  Or so we though...

Bread and goat's milk butter
Devils on Horseback
The Chef's tasting menu allows you to select a first, second, entree, and half of your choice for $44 (yes, there are vegetarian/vegan options available too).  After enjoying our first round of drinks and the bread and butter , CLEgal and I decided to share the chef's tasting menu since we both came to the conclusion, it was quite a bit of food. Afterall, we needed room for the pot du creme.  For our first, we were in agreement to get the Devils on Horseback.  What's not to love about dates wrapped in bacon and filled with chocolate and Fresno pepper.  The perfect first course to start off the evening.    

Crispy Chicken Wings Confit
For our second course we had to go with my favorite menu item, the crispy chicken wings confit.  Now these are not your ordinary wings.  Whatever Chef Sawyer does to the wings to make them fall off the bone melt in your mouth delicious is some sort of magic.  They are flavored with jalapeno, lemon juice, garlic, and scallions which all blend so well and compliment each other perfectly.  They are not greasy or lacking anything.  The only problem with this dish is when they are all gone.  I have been to Greenhouse and made these my meal, whether it is lunch, dinner, or a post Tribe game snack.  No trip here is complete without them.

It was around this time CLEgal and I were checking our texts and tweets when we both received this:
"@ @ Glad you're here! Come say hi to the kitchen!" from @thegreenhouse.   

Duck Pasta
Ohio Apples and Tokyo Turnips
Organic chocolate pot du creme
As we awaited our entree with half, we both decided "Why not!"  Being the social media savvy bloggers we are, we both tweeted earlier about having dinner at The Greenhouse.  We couldn't help but wonder if it was Chef Sawyer himself who sent the tweet.    For our entree, we selected the duck pasta, which was strozzapreti pasta with duck livers, duck skin cracklings, Ohio apples, red onions and toasted bread crumbs.  As a great compliment to the apples in the pasta, we chose the roasted Ohio apples and Tokyo turnips for our half.    Don't be intimidated by the description of what is in the pasta.  The crunch from the livers, cracklings and bread crumbs adds to the dish and the 

apples add a subtle sweetness.  Overall, I would recommend this combination.  One we cleared our plate, the server brought us the black and green organic chocolate pot du creme.  Very rich, very creamy, very chocolaty.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.  Even though we were enjoying all of this wonderful food, we kept thinking about that tweet.  After paying the bill, we finally headed downstairs.  We went up to the kitchen window and asked who sent a tweet to HungryInCLE and WhyCLE.  To our pleasant surprise, Chef Sawyer spoke up.  We ended up talking with him briefly about his restaurant and food.  Since he was busy in the kitchen, and we had a Salt n Pepa concert to attend, we left with his business card, fulfilled hunger, and smiles on our faces.  Now, we have even more reasons to look forward to our future visits to The Greenhouse Tavern.  Thank you Chef Jonathon Sawyer!
Until next time...follow your heart, fulfill your hunger!


  1. Great write-up (and thanks for the shout-out)! It's never boring when we go out :-)

  2. Great writeup. We should do a mini blogger night there sometime. :)

  3. Those wings are to die for!!
    Sorry we didnt see each other at S n P!