Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Back on Track


I have a slight confession to make.  Since running the Detroit Marathon, I have gotten a little off track with running and working out in general.  After a marathon, I typically take a week off running and get in at least a yoga class, which I did this time.  However, the following week, Super Storm Sandy hit.  I know, I only should have lost two days or so because of the storm.  However I did squeeze in two or three yoga classes.  The next week, I did get some miles in and felt great!  Just my luck, it was that time of year when I get all congested, cannot stop coughing, and my sinuses have a mind of their own.  Stopping mid run and feeling like an elephant is sitting on your lungs is just not fun.  What happened to my “no excuses” mentality I have while training?
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 However, I am proud to say I am back at it and hoping to stay on track. I am finding a balance between running, yoga, and core workouts.  I do have the Run for Regis trail half marathon in January to start training for especially since the farthest I have run on trails is a 10K.  There are also some fun Christmas races over the next few weeks that would be fun to do too.  I just need to sign up with the mentality they are fun runs.  While a PR would be nice, it is also good to just run for fun like I did with the FANtastic 4-miler this past July.  I also should be expecting these in my mailbox sometime soon too!

Yes, I am insane!!

 How do you stay in shape during the “off season”?    


  1. Come reindeer run on Saturday! What could be more whimsical than 3.1 miles with bells on your shoes?

    This is the first year I've ever gone running out in the cold and it's not that bad. I'm still surprised that I sweat though. has my favorite workout videos for sleepy Sunday mornings while I watch crap TV!

  2. Ugh, I suck when I don't have a training plan to follow. But I also enjoy the fun races - I hate the pressure of trying to PR!!!