Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Martinis, Etiquette, and a Seance!

This past Friday, I engaged in all three at the Hanna Theater.  Thanks to my dear friend Julie, I was invited to a special social media night to see the Great Lakes Theater production of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, which also included an introduction to making cocktails and an etiquette lesson.
Stirred, not shaken!
Our night began with a demo on how to properly make a martini.  Noel Coward was a huge fan of gin martinis and was often seen waving one towards the stage during a performance of one of his plats.  We learned a classic martini is made of equal parts gin (or vodka) and vermouth, chilled, stirred, and strained into a martini glass.  (Sorry James Bond, shaken not stirred is not the correct way to make a martini).  We were then given the choice to have either a gin or vodka martini garnished with either an olive or lemon.   Of course, I went with gin and a lemon garnish.

With our martinis in hand, we then headed upstairs for an etiquette lesson by Colleen Harding of the Cleveland School of Etiquette.  Colleen's lecture focused on proper etiquette at a cocktail party.  She explained the importance of using proper wine glasses with stems, how and when to join in a conversation, and how to appropriately give someone your business card.  As cute and chic as stemless wine glasses may be, if you are going to be in a situation where you are holding your glass, they will cause your wine to warm  quickly from body heat ruining the characteristics of the wine.  Also, did you know it is not proper to hand someone your card initially, if at all.  Colleen pointed out you should only give someone your card if they ask for it.  Remember, you are at a social event, not a poker tournament.  

Hilarious and "spook-tacular"!
We then were given a brief tour and history of the Hanna before showtime.  In 2008, Great Lakes Theater renovated the Hanna to create a more intimate experience for theater goers.  I personally feel there is not a bad seat in the house.  Also, the bar located in the back of the theater is a gift from Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.  Tom did perform for three seasons at the Great Lakes Theater.  

Blithe Spirit tells the story of novelist Charles Condomine who wants to research spirits for a novel he is working on.  Along with his wife Ruth, their friends the Bradmans, and Madame Arcati, they participate in a seance with leads to the spirit of Charles' first wife, Elvira, being summonsed to visit Charles.  Elvira is unhappy to find Charles has remarried and tries to sabotage his marriage to Ruth.  The play itself is comical and very enjoyable.  It is running currently through March 10.  You can save $10 on tickets by using the code: NEO when you purchase tickets online, over the phone (216-241-6000), or at the Playhouse Square box office.

Afterwards, KatieJulieJessica, Chris, Kasey, and Mary head to Cowell & Hubbard for some late night treats.  I ordered the vegan pizza which was topped with a bed of arugula and balsamic.  It was perfect for a late late dinner!  I cannot wait to return and try an entree and cocktail!  Zack Bruell once again did not disappoint!

**Disclaimer: I was invited to attend social media night at Great Lakes Theater.  I was given a ticket and complimentary cocktail in exchange for blogging about my visit.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own**


  1. This was such a fun evening. I loved everything about it. I'm really going to put those etiquette tips to use.

    It was so great to see you & hang out at Cowell & Hubbard with you afterward!

  2. What a cool idea! I read a lot of event reviews, but I'm rarely envious and I'm definitely feeling that right now. How fun!

  3. Great post! I was sad to miss this event. I wish it was THIS week because it looked like a lot of fun. I'm feeling thirsty...