Friday, March 25, 2011

Naked Sushi in All it's Glory!

Nice rolls
Going to an event hosted by Matthew Mytro and Dante Boccuzzi, one thing for sure can be guaranteed, the food will be amazing.  The two have teamed up previously to host this event back in November, 2010.  They also had the honor of cooking together at the James Beard House in New York City this past February.   Based on the past two events of Mytro's I have attended, Aphrodisiacs and Ladies Bite Out, I knew I was in store for an enjoyable and somewhat playful evening at Naked Sushi.  
Working on a masterpiece

Good food arouses the senses on all levels.  You want something visually appealing that will lure you in with a nice scent and appetizing name.  In your mouth, you want a pleasing texture and your taste buds to be excited and wanting more.  Perhaps this is why the culinary arts are just that, arts.  Sushi  in itself is an art form from the placement of the fish to the rolling to the actual presentation.  The Japanese art of "nyotaimori" and "nantaimori" are displaying sushi on the naked body.  The sushi itself made no contact with the skin as it was placed on bamboo leaves strategically placed on the two female and one male model.   The models as well as the two servers were also tastefully painted with Asian inspired works.

Sushi pops
Prior to the main event, we enjoyed spicy tuna rolls served with a pipette filled with soy sauce, Dante's sushi pops, shrimp or calamari ceviche, and Chinese steamed sticky buns filled with smoked chicken and plantains or chocolate milk braised pork shoulder.  I love the concept of the sushi pop and it made me even more excited for the opening of Ginko later this year.  They are a very compact and chopstick free way to enjoy sushi.  However we were not lucky enough to find a server with the sticky buns.  Around 9:00, the curtains were pulled and two painted women and a painted man adorned in sushi were presented to us.  We  filled our plates from both the women and the man with various rolls and sushi.  

While getting our sushi, my boyfriend made the comment we have yet to sample the sticky buns.  This comment was overheard by both the model and Dante who both smiled and chuckled a bit.  However it mush have worked because once we finished the sushi, the sticky buns found us.   My chicken sticky bun was the perfect blend of sweet and savory.  I only wish I had it before I feasted from the human sushi landscapes.   I also loved the signature cocktail for the event so much that I failed as a blogger to note the name and ingredients.  From memory, it had ginger infused vodka, aloe vera, and lychee puree.


Overall, Naked Sushi was a great evening enjoyed with my boyfriend, some of our friends, and a few of my favorite "blends" (Jessica, Brad, and Alicia).  I cannot wait for the opening of Ginko and dinner one night at Dante as well as Matthew Mytro's next event.

Until next time...follow your heart, fulfill your hunger!        

***Disclaimer: I was invited to attend Naked Sushi with a guest by Matthew Mytro.  The thoughts above are my 100% honest opinion.  The pictures were also taken by me for the purpose of this blog post***  


  1. This was such a fun event, I had a great time!

  2. how did I miss the sushi pops!

    I think the only way Hans will ever eat sushi again is if it's off of a naked lady. I've set myself up for failure.

  3. Sounds like a great event! But I still can't get the scene with Samantha and the sushi from the SATC movie out of my head.

    Once Ginko opens, we'll definitely have to do a girls' night there!

  4. Great writeup and pics. I was so happy with the amount of great food available.

  5. I agree w/ CLEgal on the SATC scene :) Adore Matthew and Chef Dante, I want Ginko to open right now!