Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Night Football: The Wrap-Up

Saturday was the day I have been waiting for since Julie first told me about #BvBCLE...GAME DAY!!  Similar to race days, I knew there was nothing else I could do but show up, play hard, and have fun!  After our team dinner at Deagan's on Wednesday, I knew #TeamBrunette was was excited and ready for game day!  When we arrived at CSU Saturday morning, we were pumped up and ready to play! We took the field and played hard, but fell short.
 (Sidenote:  All pictures are from the BvB CLE facebook page.)  
We run we pass we score!  We play we fight for more!  GO BRUNETTES!!
And she's down!
Defense attack!
Congrats to #TeamBlonde!  They beat us 14-0.  However, the true winner is the Cleveland Area Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.  Together, we raised over $36,000 from this event!

Tackling Alzheimer's

At this time, I would like to thank my #TeamBrunette players and coaches.  I will be back next year ready to play...well...wherever you need me to play!  Also, thank you to everyone who came out to the game or made a donation.  Finally, thank you to everyone involved with planning and organizing this event.  I think, especially for the first year, it was amazing.  I am so happy to have been a part of it!    

Until next time...follow your heart, fulfill your hunger!

Disclaimer:  I was asked to blog about my experiences as a player for the inaugural BvBCLE flag football game.  I attended my required 4 practices (and a few more) and achieved my $250 fundraising goal (Thank you donors!).  

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