Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tremont Farmers Market

Last night I made my first farmer's market visit of the summer in Tremont.  Every Tuesday from 4-7 on Lincoln Park, local vendors set up at the Tremont Farmer's Market.  From fresh produce, to cheese, to popcorn, there is a little something for everyone.  

Too hot for a label
My first stop, and possibly favorite vendor, was Blaze Gourmet, who sells hot sauce and salsa.  I first discovered them last summer at the Tremont Farmer's Market and was hoping they would be back again.  As most of you probably know, I love hot and spicy food.  I also love to snack on chips and salsa.  While I was at the Fabulous Food Show this past April, I purchased a few jar of Blaze salsa, however they did not have my favorite one available that day.  While I enjoy the Wild Mustang Chipotle Black Bean & Corn and their Raspberry Chipotle, I often need a little more heat.  Enter "The Shocker".  It is hot.. hell yes.  Will it make your eyes tear up a bit...just a bit.  Does it also have flavor...oh yeah!  I have only sampled their hot sauces but will more than likely purchase a few next time I see Blaze set up somewhere.  

Last night's market was also called "Strawberry Fest".  While I missed the demos by Sue Carrara, I did pick up a pint of these lovely (and delicious) strawberries from Morning Dew Orchards in Salem, Ohio.  I also stopped by the APL and wanted to leave with Miss Lola.  Maybe next time.
Lola...from the APL's site
Strawberry fields forever!

Until next time...follow your heart, fulfill your hunger!


  1. I have a whole shelf of Blaze hot sauce and salsa in my fridge. The. Best. Ever.

  2. Love the Blaze salsas. I usually pick them up at the back of the fresh fork truck. Good to know I can snag them at TFM too!

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